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Create API Key

To create an API key, open the PromptIDE ( and sign in using your X account.

Step 1

After signing in, click on your username in the top right hand corner of the screen and then select API Keys.

PromptIDE screen after signing in

Step 2

Now click on the Create API Key button, which open a dialog window that allows you to customize the API key ACLs. By default, no ACLs are selected, which means the API key cannot be used to access any endpoint. As a best practice, select only the ACLs that are necessary for accomplishing the task you have in mind. If you want to use the API key to access Grok, add the chat:write ACL. If you would only like to sample from the raw Grok-1 model, add only the sampler:write ACL. The respective ACLs use the :write suffix because sampling from either Grok or Grok-1 will count towards your token limit and is this a data-mutating operation.

Dialog window showing the API Key ACLs

Dialog window showing the API Key ACLs

Step 3

After clicking Save, the list of API keys refreshes, and you see your newly created API key. From here, you can click the pencil icon to adjust the ACLs and the bin icon to delete an API key. To start using the API key with our SDK, click the Copy button.

List of API keys in the PromptIDE with a red arrow pointing out the Copy button.

Step 4

Now you're ready to start playing with our API using our Python SDK.