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The PromptIDE is an integrated development environment (IDE) for prompt engineering and capabilities research. It offers effortless access to our xAI's latest large language model (LLM) Grok-1. The IDE is available to members of our Early Access program who are subscribed to X Premium+ and are based in the USA.

To get started with the IDE, navigate to and sign in using your qualifying X account.

Desktop only

Please note that the PromptIDE is primarily a tool for developers and researchers. As such, it was designed with desktop usage in mind. This specifically means that the user experience on devices with small screens and/or touch-only devices might be poor. We recommend using the PromptIDE from a standard Linux/Window/MacOS desktop or laptop compute with a Chromium based browser such as Opera, Google Chrome, or Microsoft Edge.


The PromptIDE offers the following features:

  • Sample from Grok-1,
  • See sampling probabilities (after Nucleus-thresholding has been applied),
  • See aggregated attention masks for each sampled token,
  • Restrict sampling to a small set of tokens (e.g. to implement multiple choice tests),
  • Disallow the model from sampling a small set of tokens (e.g. to avoid some behaviour),
  • Control the sampling temperature,
  • Control the Nucleus (Top-P)-sampling parameter,
  • See the precise tokenization of a prompt and the corresponding token IDs
  • Implement complex multi-step and branching prompting techniques,
  • Implement concurrent prompts,
  • Upload and batch-process small CSV files (up to 5 MiB per file),
  • Create and manage API keys,
  • Export prompts and run them locally using our SDK,
  • Simple built-in versioning of prompts,
  • Share prompts publicly,
  • Create custom chatbots based on Grok-1,
  • See and understand your token limits and token usage.